Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meditation Saved My Life

Hellllo Appleton, Wisconsin! What a lovely town. Believe or not, this city of 80,000 people has a state of the art concert hall (one of the nicer ones I have seen so far) with some amazing acoustics!

Last week was Toledo, Ohio...a completely different story. On Friday night during the show my wallet was stolen from my green room, they caught the guy in a stolen car a few hours later. I was at the police station until 4am. But silver lining! I got everything back!

The robbery plus money woes plus a whole lot of internalized insecurities regarding my musicianship has left me a big ol ball of stress. I got a massage on Tuesday which was lovely, but what has really helped is meditation 20 minutes a day. It is my time to sit and just "be". Sometimes I speak words of encouragement, sometimes I just sit and take in my surroundings. After doing this, I feel confident and strong and usually play a really great show. It helps me accept that I will never have a perfect show, and nobody around me will either, so when that little blip does occur, I flinch, brush it off, and move on.


  1. Ooh girl. I need some'a that!! Miss you. Love you. =)

  2. I feel that way about Yoga-- it's my time to not think about work and bills and all the other crap that accumulates day to day. I'm glad they caught the guy that stole your wallet! I can't wait to see you when the tour comes through NC :) Love you, miss!

  3. Oh, Holly!! I now exactly how you are feeling - and like Annalisa, yoga has been the solution for me. I wouldn't have made it through this degree so far if it hadn't been for my hours completely forgetting about the rest of the world and focusing on me. I hope those moments continue to give you peace, renewed energy, and the strength to keep going. Thinking of you dear!!! Love you!!