Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The Kassels are BROKE

This is not a pity party post, don't worry, it's actually pretty hilarious how pathetic we are this month!

The tour has been in DC for 5 weeks which means I am "laid off" until October 31. Don't get me wrong, I am SO happy to be home with Phil...it just means we are one breadwinner short this month :)

Phil and I have always seemed to look back on times like these and laugh hysterically...like the time we were got into a fight in a Chicago supermarket over which bulk package of Ramen was the better deal...or when we watched the Simpsons for two weeks straight on DVD while we saved up to get our cable installed...or that week we ate nothing but lentils...ok its not that funny, it is a struggle...but I don't see any reason to dwell. Yes, we could have been more frugal, yes we probably shouldn't have gotten that credit card with the ridiculous limit, but what's done is done. I will be back on the road before I know it and if I spend more than 10 minutes freaking out, I will regret it like crazy!

We went to the Farmstead, a fall festival of sorts that has a corn maze, greasy delicious food and pig races! 

Phil and the "Pumpkin Blaster"!

Overlook halfway through the Corn Maze

Pretty Lulu and profession photo-bomber, Gus :)

Justin and Shara's sweet buddy, Henry!

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  1. Oh girl, we know about money woes! Here's a reference http://mistakesofayoungmarriedcouple.blogspot.com/2011/09/no-financial-smarts.html

    Love the animal pics!!!